Academic Staff Research Series: AY2023.2024

The Academic Staff Research Series AY2023/24 is a platform for UB based faculty to engage audiences with discussions on their current research interests. The presenters have all volunteered to represent their faculties or institutes. They chose their topic and style of presentation. The opinions they express are theirs, and not necessarily those of the UniversityAcademic staff are defined as academic professionals who are responsible for planning, directing, supporting, or undertaking academic teaching and research within the HE (Higher Educational) institutions. They also include vice-Presidents, medical practitioners, and other health care professionals, laboratory and field technicians, and other qualified staff who may undertake lecturing or research activities.

Graduate Studies Research Series

The Graduate Research Series is a platform for graduate students engaged in the Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Master of Educational Leadership (MEDL), and Master of Business Administration (MBA) to share their research ideas and proposals with a wider audience. This initiative was launched in March 2024, with presentations from the new MPhil. group.

Graduates Students' Meetings and Advising

There are several faculty members at the University of Belize who are engaged in doctoral work. This forum started in August 2023, enables them to meet monthly to discuss their progress, challenges and ways to overcome setbacks along the doctoral research journey.

Research Advising

Students, graduate students, and faculty members are free to drop into the Research Office to discuss their ideas for research.

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